Smartphone Wireless Charging Pad

Adivolt hot selling power bank -let's charge anytime anywhere -portable. easy to carry
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Key Specification

1.Smallest in the size: 9mm

2.Extremely low temperature

3.charge phones with nonmetallic case/cover (thickness is less than 3mm)

4.LED light indicator to show charging status

5.Alam buzzer to help you to find a right place for charging

6. High capacity: It is with 4400 mAh and can last your digital products power longer.

7. Widely compatible.

Suitable for many circumstance where it is convenient to charge for your smart  phone, such as in business traveling, camping, exploration, meeting and other places without power to be used.

8. High security protection

Has charging protection, discharging protection and short circuit protection .It is safe and environment-friendly.

protection,overdischarge protection, short-circuit protection, leakage protection, it can be bought at ease, comfortable us.

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